Top Consultants

Nordic Consult know the markets and the consultants well, as we have worked and continue to work with several of them in the field.

Each position is different so it is important to find the right consultant– on both a professional and on a personal level.

Specialized Recruitment

Nordic Consult have developed a unique recruitment process where the candidates, in addition to the normal screening process, also are technically screened and challenged by our own IT experts and our pharma consultants, for example. They are screened in such a way that, we can ensure that your company is offered only the best possible consultant and not just a CV from a database.

20+ Year Consultant Network

Throughout the years, Nordic Consult has collaborated on projects with scores of exceptional individuals in software development, Web and UI design, specialized developers, and other fields. We continue to maintain these wonderful people in our network of contacts so that we may contact them at any time and use their skills.

On Site

The onsite delivery model, also known as the onshore model, is a method of software development and delivery in which vendors send their skilled staff to the client’s location. The vendor’s team is constantly in contact with the customer’s personnel. They work together to gather data, create, implement, maintain, and support the project. The outside staff fulfills the tasks specified by the customer, which is a unique aspect of the onsite approach. Short-term projects are ideal for this type of engagement approach.


The process of shifting your office tasks to countries with lower labor costs but equal or better skilled is known as offshore outsourcing. This entails assembling a remote team to handle some, if not all, of your job tasks so you can concentrate on your primary business.

Businesses around the world have been acknowledging the value of offshoring long before the pandemic. Offshoring benefits business owners that are developing their businesses by meeting the needs of the ever-growing market and at the same time becoming more productive and cost-effective. And the beauty of being in the IT industry is that we are not affected much by the pandemic and we are able to work virtually anywhere.


A nearshore software development team bridges the gap between onshore and offshore software development. Nearshoring means that the team is based near you, possibly on the border of your nation. In these instances, nearshore outsourcing should be the ideal compromise between offshore and onshore benefits. When you work with a nearshore company, you have access to a larger pool of talent and lower labor expenses.

Recruitment as a Service

Recruitment as a Service is an outsourced recruitment operations model that entrusts specialized recruiters with sourcing the correct personnel, screening, onboarding, performance reviews, training and development, and so on. The pay-per-candidate-placed model is effectively replaced by a pay-as-you-go structure, in which recruiters charge a fee to cover the costs of time spent searching for and obtaining new talent.

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