Nordic Consult has more than 20 years of experience in Integration and the IT consulting industry. Continuously working on improving and innovating on our core services to the advantage of our customers and consultants. Nordic Consult is a full-service software development company of engineers, designers and developers. Mobile app development, Web app development, and custom software solutions.

Nordic Consult was created after the reorganization of the consulting company Nebular Aps, which CTO Michael Høtoft co-founded in 2009. Nordic Consult Inc Philippines is headed by Miguel Sagun is a former senior developer and project manager turned CEO.

Nordic Consult PH Inc. difference

As Nordic Consult’s sales manager, I can confidently say that our services are of the highest caliber, that can rival the big players but for a much smaller overhead, from our project management to our solutions to consultants. Part of the Nordic Consult DNA is to have a hands-on approach to the market. This is why our management continues to provide consultancy services in the field. Providing us with a current and up-to-date insight into the market and customer needs. With the added benefit that we have worked closely together with many of our consultants.

Engagement Package

In our professional and proven engagement process, we reduce risk and uncertainty by using practical and efficient techniques and tools to identify and clarify your needs – Scope.
• Due to the scale of the project and based on the particular product, we will draft manually written mockups of key user interfaces or so-called wireframes.
• Along with a series of user stories outlining the capabilities of the user(s)
• After that, one or more technical solutions that can support the criteria are defined and designed. We break down the requirements into specific bits of work using all of our experience (ie. Build user interface x and y). This is what we call the “work breakdown framework” or WBS.
• Following the identification of the work, we estimate the tasks using (minimum, most likely, and maximum estimates)
• After that, we offer a proposal for how this might be accomplished. When can we begin, how many developers are needed, how many additional resources are available, and how much will be hosting and licenses cost, for example.
• Finally, we present our findings and stand ready to modify them in response to your comments. The Assessment


We use best-practice procedures and development techniques
as the foundation for developing cutting-edge technology solutions in
an organized and methodical manner. Services we provide include:

  • Integration
  • Solutions
  • Consultant Services
  • Products
  • Development
  • Offshore

Call to action

Please keep a lookout as Nordic Consult Inc PH will share the insights we have learned
throughout and how they can help businesses operate more efficiently and cost-effective.

If you want to have a more efficient and cost-effective IT solution now contact us here. 

Or if you have any questions contact us or shoot us a message, as Nordic Consult is a software
the consulting company being in the business for more than 20 years, we will assess your
unique needs and develop a solution to meet both your short-term and long-term goals.

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