Offshoring’s importance has been recognized by organizations. To satisfy the demands of the market and the needs of the multinational corporation, businesses all over the world decided to offshore. To satisfy clients, products and services are assigned to the appropriate individuals in the appropriate settings. It is also true that corporations will ultimately succeed and be more profitable as a result of the large savings and effective services that result from cheaper wages in foreign nations. Contracting work to a third party company in low-cost nations like the Philippines, India, China, and Malaysia is known as offshoring. As a result, both the client and the employees receive a win-win solution, guaranteeing that everyone is actively involved in a more competitive and successful global economy.

Surprised? —

Offshoring may have both immediate and long-term advantages. Long-term, it can assist business leaders in formulating growth and development strategies without having to make concessions in other areas. Along with that, it promises to offer more flexibility and control.

Where offshores resourcing comes in

Businesses around the world have been acknowledging the value of offshoring long before the pandemic. Offshoring benefits business owners that are developing their businesses by meeting the needs of the ever-growing market and at the same time becoming more productive and cost effective. And the beauty of being in the IT industry is that we are not affected much by the pandemic and we are able to work virtually anywhere.

NordicConsult Inc. has been trusted to work with clients around the world for 15 years where we provide a top of the line IT consulting service to healthcare, finance, real estate, e-commerce and many other industries using the latest tools and technologies along with timeless best practices in order to provide the best to our clients. We understand the importance of the right mix of skill, experience and flexibility that is needed to deliver the best products to our clients.

Why offshore

  • It is cost efficient.
  • It allows cost restructuring.
  • It offers space management.
  • It leaves the company heads to focus on the core business
  • It Improve the output quality.
  • It is scalable.
  • It has effective measures on risk management.


While these are indeed challenging times there are solutions and opportunity that we can take advantage of. “Despite unprecedented social and economic paralysis, many global companies continue to plan major transformation programs… But executives need to consider the COVID-19 crisis in the long as well as short-term — responding with urgency now, preparing for next and thinking beyond.”  experts from EY.

What’s keeping you from investing in offshore resources?

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